World's First Smart Pen That Draws In Any Color


How it Works

Scribble is the first coloring device of its kind that can take the world of color around you and transfer it directly to either paper or your favourite mobile device. Simple hold the Scribble's scanner up to any color, like on a wall, a book or magazine, a painting or even a child's toy and within a second or 2 that color is stored in Scribble's internal memory. You can now instantly draw on paper with the Scribble Ink Pen or draw on a digital device like an iPad or Wacom Tablet with the Scribble Stylus Pen.

Key Features

Lightfast long lasting Ink

Our Scribble INK is both lightfast and water resistant. The Scribble Pen has been meticulously designed to ensure optimum ink management.

Choose your nib size

Our nib set offers you a fantastic range of stroke weights. Choose from fine to heavy depending on your mood! .

Supports iOS and Android

Scribble can sync colors to your mobile device when you are on the go! Scan and sync any color instantly from your Scribble Pen or Stylus to any iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device .

More Features


Photoshop/Corel Compatible

Scribble is 100% Photoshop/Corel compatible, so you can transfer colors directly from your Pen to your computer screen.

Program your own custom colors

Program your own dream colors via our Mobile App. You can add and draw without worrying about what is captured in the Pen sensor.

Scribble is the best color - Green

One of the most outstanding features of the Scribble is that, since it can reproduce any color, it replaces thousands of marking pens, thereby greatly reducing the huge mount of plastic waste cluttering up our landfills all over the world. When using the Stylus the amount of waste is reduced to practically nothing, making the Scribble one of the greenest coloring tools ever created. With Scribble, it's easy being Green!

Choose your color

Our App


Access your Ink level Information

The Scribble mobile app would let you easily access your Ink level information at the touch of a button.

Organise, Tag and Share your colors

Your colors become more useful when they are organized, tagged, searchable and can be shared with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Effortless Connectivity

Your Scribble Pen or Stylus pairs with our mobile app to instantly sync every color you scan directly onto your mobile device.

Real-time color Conversion

Our mobile app instantly displays an RGB, CMYK and HEX CODE value for any color you capture.

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